Living the Horselife without Equestrian Events

Living the Horselife without Equestrian Events

What have you missed most about your horselife since COVID?

Well, for me, it’s not being able to attend any equestrian events. Who doesn’t love these?

The Horse&Hound have highlighted 8 specific reasons why you might be missing equestrian events:

  1. Our equestrian fix – that I’m sure you are all craving right now!
  2. That special odour (you know the one)
  3. The burger van is calling – I can just smell it right now!! mmmm
  4. A dog’s day out – walks at home are just not as exciting for our pooches as equestrian events are.
  5. Sun worshippers (maybe not always in England – but the odd occasion)
  6. A small flutter – I’m sure you agree that betting in real life is so much better than online.
  7. Dusting off the dress – I bet you’re sick of wearing the same clothes you have all lockdown. Equestrian events give us a chance to dress up and look all fancy for the day!
  8. A perfect picnic – the contents of that are up to you. But, for me, as long as there’s a glass of champagne in there I’m happy.

I miss each and every single one of these things but I think the typical burger van is a personal favourite. Get us back to equestrian events and greasy burgers ASAP!!

To read the Horse&Hound article in full click here… Behind closed doors: from the picnic to the smell.

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