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Category: Horse Health

May 21 , 2024
Beat the heat: 5 ways to keep your horse cool this summer

After a long winter and our infamously fickle British springtime, we might welcome warm, sunny days with open arms. However, your horse can struggle to regulate their temperature and stay hydrated during summer or an unexpected heatwave. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can keep your horse happy and…

Mar 14 , 2024
Easter treats for your horse

Easter treats to enjoy springtime with your horse We all enjoy the Easter break by tucking into chocolate eggs and other seasonal delicacies. And what better way to include your equine friend than making them their very own treats to enjoy? There are a variety of seasonal flavours that horses…

Mar 11 , 2024
Equine Asthma

Equine Asthma – Diagnosis & Management Equine asthma is a condition affecting up to 14% of horses and ponies in the UK. With the right diagnosis, treatment and management, most horses with equine asthma will still lead very rewarding lives. If you believe that your horse may be suffering from…

Feb 11 , 2024
A day in the life of Megan Pine

Interview with Megan Pine of Pine Vet Physiotherapy by Samantha Osborne Background information Pine Veterinary Physiotherapy was established by veterinary physiotherapist, Megan Pine BSc (Hons), PGDip, MIRVAP. Megan provides a mobile equine and small animal physiotherapy service based in Rochdale and her client base covers Yorkshire and the North West…

Feb 24 , 2023
Poor performance in horses

Poor performance in horses can often be interpreted as saddle fit, tack or biting issues; however there is often an underlying health condition causing resistance or behavioural problems. Horses that are described as ‘fresh’ often exhibit behavioural signs of poor performance under saddle, including: Resistance to the aids and contact, tense…

Sep 18 , 2020
Living the Horselife without Equestrian Events

What have you missed most about your horselife since COVID? Well, for me, it’s not being able to attend any equestrian events. Who doesn’t love these? The Horse&Hound have highlighted 8 specific reasons why you might be missing equestrian events: Our equestrian fix – that I’m sure you are all…