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Category: Horse Tack

Mar 11 , 2022
Tack room spring cleaning ideas

Are you ready for spring and summer? The tack room for many yards is a place to hide from the weather, have a cup of tea after a ride and catch up with friends. It is in fact a hub and often it can be in need of some tender…

Jun 11 , 2020
Big thinks as we come out of lockdown

Here at Ruth Clark Equestrian Ltd, like many people, we are coming out of the lockdown bubble and starting to see customers again.  We are finding that saddle fitting and bit and bridle fitting is very different now. Heather is missing hugging all the customers (Ruth is not missing the…

Mar 19 , 2020
Equine cleaning solutions

Developed by horse owners Here at INOL Equine our goal is to revolutionise equine cleaning and offer equestrians a solution to all their equine cleaning problems and needs. Our passion for the industry is totally unparalleled and with that in mind we began to create our brand and make our…