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Category: Horse Facts

Feb 21 , 2024
Horse Vision

Understanding the limitations of a horse’s sight Researched and written by Kevin Parker  Background As the owner a forward-thinking company, we continually strive to make quality horseboxes that are safer and have increased durability. This safety-first approach is aimed at avoiding problems and reducing stress. Our first topic deals with…

Feb 03 , 2023
The 25 Most Popular Horse Names (With Meanings)

Introduction Horse names can be a fun and naming a horse can be a creative process, but also difficult to come up with the perfect name. If you’re feeling stuck, then you’ve come to the right place. This list contains the 25 most popular horse names, sorted by category. Each…

Jun 28 , 2020
10 Facts about the Queen and her horses

I think it’s fair to say that lockdown has been challenging for most, however it was reported that the Queen has been riding everyday.  That gave me *riding goals* and also inspired me to create this list of facts about her and her horses. 1) Queen Elizabeth II has been…