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Category: Horse Safety

Oct 18 , 2022
Top tips for preparing horses for the darker and colder weather

With winter fast approaching, Katie Allen-Clarke, Head of Marketing at Horse & Country is here to offer some top tips on preparing your horse for the colder season. Read on to find out how to keep your four-legged friend cosy, happy and healthy throughout the season. As the colder weather…

Apr 23 , 2021
Horsebox Flooring

Horsebox Flooring a VBRA Best Practice Guide Horsebox flooring has been is an area of concern for both Horsebox manufacturers, converters, horse transport companies and horse owners who have their own lorry or trailer. We have put together some solutions as a best practice guide. Problems seem to stem from…

Aug 21 , 2020
Rights and Responsibilities Post Lockdown in the English Lake District

The English Lake District thrives from tourism and visitors. We all benefit from living in one of the areas in the UK with the lowest unemployment figures. Our economy is vibrant. As residents, even those of us who are not involved in the hospitality industry, directly benefit from the 19…

Aug 03 , 2020
10 Things You Can Do To be a Better Rider Right Now!

I think it’s far to say that all of us want to be the best rider we can be not only for ourselves but for our horses too, and whilst trying to do that you can get a bit lost on the way by either adding too much pressure on…

Mar 19 , 2020
Safe travel for Horses

Amazing results from a travel aid, proving to keep horses safe while in the horsebox. The Equi Travel Safe has been impressing it’s users since its release in 2017. This clever harness prevents horses rearing onto lockers or over the breast bar while in the horsebox. It’s been described as…