Safe travel for Horses

Safe travel for Horses

Amazing results from a travel aid, proving to keep horses safe while in the horsebox.

The Equi Travel Safe has been impressing it’s users since its release in 2017. This clever harness prevents horses rearing onto lockers or over the breast bar while in the horsebox. It’s been described as “The best piece of kit I’ve ever bought.” By a number of its users and is a lifesaver for owners with difficult travellers.

Ever since the 3.5 tonne lorries arrived on the road, there has been incidents of horses rearing over the breast bars and getting stuck. Horsebox manufacturers have tried altering the design of the horsebox, while the Equi Travel Safe was designed by a showjumper with the horse in mind. Simply by putting on this harness prior to loading, and clipping it to the breast bar or locker wall, the horse is safe.  No need for weighty extras or limited horse access. Yet still allowing the horse freedom to  move and balance without the need for their heads to be tied down.

When we first launched, people were actually quite sceptical”  said founder Nicky Sutcliffe, “They didn’t understand how it worked and were understandably doubtful. Since then the reviews have been amazing. We’re so proud of how it’s helping so many horses.”

 Owners who previously couldn’t travel their horses are now getting out and about,  enjoying competing, clinics and away from home hacking without the worry of a disaster. Best of all, the horses seem to love it.

A recent survey taken by Equi Travel Safe users, showed that nearly 90% of its users think it reduces stress levels and it’s proving to be highly successful with all types of horses and ponies.

To find out more visit the Equi Travel Safe website – https://www.equitravelsafe.co.uk/

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