Equestrian Mortgages

What’s involved in an equestrian mortgage? When looking for any type of funding, it’s beneficial to deal with experts in your particular field. Equestrian mortgages are no different. Every equestrian business is unique and deserves specialist support. A typical equestrian business mortgage You could expect to find the following terms with a typical equestrian business […]

Horsebox Payloads Explained

Horsebox payloads explained Payload can be a daunting subject for horsey customers, especially if they are new to horsebox ownership. It is a subject that, unless they are involved in goods transport, heavy bombers or explosive warheads, is unlikely to have crossed their paths before. Unlike buying a car, where weight is never mentioned, payload it […]

Soldiers and their Horses

Soldiers and their Horses – Training Recruits in The Great War When Britain declared war on Germany on 4th August 1914, the British Army immediately set about mobilising its human and equine resources. In just two weeks, its horse strength was increased from 19,000 to 53,000, and this demand only increased as the War progressed. […]

Horse Photography

We might be having restricted time with our horses and may not be able to ride, but we can still take photos of them and if you can’t visit your horse you can still try these tips out on your dog or family members. Here are some of my top tips to help you take […]

Equine cleaning solutions

Developed by horse owners Here at INOL Equine our goal is to revolutionise equine cleaning and offer equestrians a solution to all their equine cleaning problems and needs. Our passion for the industry is totally unparalleled and with that in mind we began to create our brand and make our vision come to life. As […]

Safe travel for Horses

Amazing results from a travel aid, proving to keep horses safe while in the horsebox. The Equi Travel Safe has been impressing it’s users since its release in 2017. This clever harness prevents horses rearing onto lockers or over the breast bar while in the horsebox. It’s been described as “The best piece of kit […]

Horsebox Ventilation

Horsebox ventilation and the problems caused to your horses by prolonged exposure to high temperatures Designing our horseboxes primarily around horse safety and comfort we dedicated many hours to the issues of heat build-up. There is without question plenty of research already out there on the effects of prolonged exposure at high temperatures and how […]

Buying a Horsebox

Buying a new or used horsebox has become a relatively simple endeavour. Unfortunately, choosing the wrong one is just as simple Buying the nearest fit can have implications that will stretch you to breaking point many times in the following year. There are few things worse than living with a compromise or outright poor build. […]

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