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As horse owners ourselves, we have a rare insight into this specialist world and can advise you with the benefit of first hand experience. A horsebox will probably be your biggest financial outlay so you’ll need unbiased, straightforward advice. Whether you’re buying from a dealer or from a private individual, we’ll help you source the right size and specification at a monthly rate you can afford. It’s worth remembering that some lenders only finance boxes and trailers up to 10 years old but our long experience in this sector means we know exactly where to go to find you funding for an older model.

How much do you think you can afford? It might be more than you think. We can offer you access to a finance scheme that’s been tried and tested in the world of car finance. A residual value or balloon payment scheme will enable you to get a lot more for your money. It’s a way of spreading the cost over a longer term with a final payment which is deferred to the end of the agreement. This figure is fixed and must be paid to guarantee ownership of the horsebox but at this point, we’ll give you three options: refinancing the balloon, part exchanging the vehicle or paying off the total amount.

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