British Dressage National Winter Championships

A First Timer’s Inside Account by Samantha Osborne With a variety of shows and classes available for all levels of horse and rider, it is no surprise that British Dressage recently recorded an all time high in registered members. Less than a year ago, I joined British Dressage for the first time, to give a […]

Equine Asthma

Equine asthma is now used to collectively describe airway disorders which may have been known previously as: We often see this condition spike at two different times of year: What are the clinical signs?? How do we diagnose equine asthma? How do you treat equine asthma? What should I do if I think my horse […]

Poor performance in horses

Poor performance in horses can often be interpreted as saddle fit, tack or biting issues; however there is often an underlying health condition causing resistance or behavioural problems. Horses that are described as ‘fresh’ often exhibit behavioural signs of poor performance under saddle, including: Resistance to the aids and contact, tense head tossing, tilting of the […]

What does the Equestrian Business Awards Venue of the Year have to offer you in 2023?

Richmond Equestrian Centre Richmond Equestrian Centre, owned by Andrew and Abigail Turnbull, is based in an idyllic countryside location in North Yorkshire, just minutes from the A1. The reigning Equestrian Business Awards Venue of the Year has an action packed and varied calendar mapped out for the season ahead with something for everyone to access. […]

Introduction to British Showjumping

My journey from showing to showjumping – by Samantha Osborne After many years of 1am starts and driving hours to shows to be very out of pocket, I decided to make the transition from showing to showjumping. Doing British Showjumping was a childhood dream and I have loved every minute of my showjumping journey so […]

Retraining a Racehorse

There are a range of racehorse rehabilitation centres, such as ‘HEROS’ (https://heroscharity.org/ ) and The British Thoroughbred Retraining Centre (https://thebtrc.co.uk/ ) where you can find your perfect partner. Charities like these create loan agreements and will not sell their horses. If you wish to purchase a horse, there are various websites that have categories specifically […]

How to become an equestrian photographer

Equestrian Life Magazine recently interviewed rising photography star Megan Higginson to gain insight in to what it takes to become an equestrian photographer. Many riders dream of an event photographer capturing the perfect winning moment in the competition ring, and some horse owners treasure precious images from individual photo shoots taken at the yard. A […]