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Take the worry out of travelling your horse with an Equi Travel Safe. This remarkably simple aid dramatically reduces the chance of horses rearing/jumping over the breast bar or onto lockers in the horsebox.

Thanks to it’s clever, horse friendly design, the horse is free to move, balance and relax. It doesn’t pin them down and they will only feel pressure from the aid if they lift therefore don’t fight it or feel panicked.

The Equi Travel Safe is not only the kindest, simplest and lightest solutions but one of the most effective available. We are very proud of its extremely high success rate, check out the reviews.

The Equi Travel Safe was developed out of necessary when our horse came over the breast bar and out the back door one day. We didn’t like any of the horsebox modifications as they either added too much weight, restricted access to the horses, made the box too claustrophobic or didn’t give the horse a bar on which to balance.

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