Hi, my name is Alice Moore and I am the ‘A’ in A & J Boots and my Mum Jill is the ‘J’. I have owned horses all my life and now run a small Welsh section C stud.

A few years ago I bought two Shetland Ponies to show and bring on, but it wasn’t until I wanted to keep their feet and legs clean that I started to look for boots or leg wraps to fit them. I struggled to find any at a reasonable price and the right size so I decided to use my own skills to make myself some boots! I have a degree in Surface Design and Textiles and I am currently working as a skilled sewing machinist.

My Mum, Jill, has been a skilled sewing machinist for 40 years and brings experience to the team. The boots I made did the job perfect for a year or two but the Shetlands moved on to fab new homes and the boots went with them.

Over the years I have developed the design and tried and tested many different ideas and now settled with the current style. A & J Boots originally made hand made Velcro fastened boots/leg wraps for horses and ponies.

They are suitable for a substitute for bandages, bed boots, keeping legs clean for shows – between classes, working in etc. We now offer wide variety of products for horses, dogs, and people! We pride ourselves on being unique, quality and hand made by us in North Wales.

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