I grew up believing that a tidy and organised environment was the key to a happy mind; when my house is a mess or the dishes are piling up next to the sink, I never quite feel content.

Having toured the world as a professional groom, I’ve seen my fair share of messy tack rooms, and trust me, the same theory applies!

My passion for equine organisation really came to light following a trip to Olympia in 2014. I walked into the shopping village, and my jaw hit the floor; what was all this STUFF?! I couldn’t look away from the sea of matchy-matchy items piled high on every stand; pink, purple, green, yellow and every shade of blue you could imagine. After much deliberation, I decided to start with the Benetton Blue from Le Mieux and it’s safe to say that I was hooked! The only downside to my growing collection was that I shared a tack room with a group of fellow matchy-matchy addicts… where on earth were we going to store it all?

One morning, I discovered the specific saddle cloth I had planned my outfit around was inevitably at the very bottom of the pile. So, while balancing the whole lot on top of my head, praying they didn’t fall, I thought to myself, “there must be a better way”… And so Tidy Tack Rooms was born.

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