Hey horsey lover! We are Jessie Robertson and Emma Crawford, co-founders of Pony Jet ®.

The reason for foundering our brand that we love, was because we both were caring so much for our ponies, constantly scrubbing and spending so much time on cleaning them. We thought about what could we do to make it so much easier, spend less time scrubbing with our buckets and sponge and saving money on using so much shampoo at once!

After a deeper dive, we learned most horsey lovers feel the same as we used to! After experiencing this, we set upon our quest to design and develop the Pony Jet! Made for those who want to save time and want the easiest way to clean your horse in seconds.

After experimenting for over a year with 100’s of styles, shapes and material, we finally designed our Pony Jet Hose. It’s not just your horse we’re helping, we donate 5% of our proceeds to horse charities.

That’s what Pony Jet is all about – we hope you enjoy!

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