We are part of Area 16, which spreads south as far as Peterborough & west as far as Leicester and is bounded on the north & east by the Humber and the North Sea.
We hold regular competitions at LRAC, Kenwick, Louth & at Willow Banks EC, Claxby. We also hold training clinics monthly with local instructors, check out our events page for further details.
We send teams and Individuals to all BRC qualifiers in all disciplines. We do not have a selection process so if you are interested there are classes for all level of rider, Horse and Pony. These are open to Juniors and seniors so please contact Caroline West. We are very fortunate to have in Caroline such a capable, supportive team manager and she will gladly answer any queries you may have. 2018 saw the North Lincs teams again taking the silverware and being highly placed in championships and qualifiers. So come on, set your sights high and see where it takes you. It is never too late to enjoy your riding and your horse/Pony.
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