Hello there! Thank you for visiting Hares & Grace.

My name is Laura, you can see me here with my beautiful little girl Sophia, skipping happily at our home in the lovely Lincolnshire countryside. She is just one of my 3 wonderful children. Hares and Grace all started because being a single full time mother, who had always had an artistic side and a passion for creating new ideas. I was forever making all kinds of pieces for my home.

Everything that you see here, has been lovingly handcrafted, the key element for me is, you will not find another, as nearly all the items are designed and made especially for Hares and Grace.

For me, I like beautiful statement pieces, something that is not only well made, but individual and unique. An investment that will make you smile today, tomorrow and years from now. It all revolves around the Great British countryside and captures the essence of bringing outdoor life into our homes. I hope you enjoy browsing through our various collections and that it will reflect the joys of country living.

Thank you very much for your support. Laura

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