I have been working in equestrian sport and have been lucky enough to work with some of the best horses and riders for multiple years.

Through my career as a soft tissue therapist for performance horses and riders, I quickly realised the vast majority of issues with the horses was coming from the riders. Rider strength and conditioning is now fairly common place with elite riders, and is fast becoming more widely accepted and embraced across all disciplines and levels.

However, with riders often having very little time and resources for my programmes I started to try and be resourceful with bands and ball’s. The riders of all levels loved it, simple to use, yard, home and a million exercise options. In biomechanics sessions I would always be saying, ‘remember what you felt with the bands’ and immediately it would change the riders position and focus.

That’s where the thought behind the bands that can be used both on and off a horse came from and EQ BANDS was born. The balls naturally came along afterwards, when someone asked me what equipment I would say every coach should recommend every rider – I couldn’t decide between a ball or a band. A beautiful partnership with VLUV began, enabling riders to workout both on and off the horse, with stunning, bespoke and well thought products. Tried and Tested The bands have been developed with the very best resistance band company in the sports performance market, Flexvit. Both bands and balls have been made using the finest of quality materials, whilst being tried, tested and developed by some of the very best riders, trainers and equine experts, so I really hope you and therefore your horse are going to love it too. Sustainability Fabric over plastic. Not only due to the very nature of the sport and considerations such as spurs with the bands, but the ability to have products that are re useable, washable and therefore a long service life is something that is very important to me. I will always seek to continually improve in this area. Challenging Normal ‘Resistance is the first step to change’

There are many wonderful ‘traditions’ in equestrian sport, but without development and therefore change, our sport will not grow. I specifically chose some of the most resistant of riders to try the bands and balls and every single one after asked how they could buy them.

I couldn’t ask much better than that and I hope you love them as much as we do. It’s our duty as riders to help horses, who make it their duty to help us.

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