Welcome to EPN Equine Photography where all those beautiful moments within the equestrian world are captured.

Hi everyone, my name is Ebony Palmer. I am a 18 year old student from Lincolnshire.

From a very young age I have always been interested in horses, going to riding school and then being lucky enough to now own my own horse.

Secondary school is where my passion for photography began. Studying photography as a GCSE for two years, gaining an “A” within my work.

After finishing school I started to study at Riseholme college studying Level 3 in equine management. After meeting lots of new friends I started to take pictures of friends horses for them. I never really sore it as a potential career.

After college ended, in September 2019 I started to study a degree there in Equine Sports Science and Coaching. Being a student I knew I needed to have a job, however due to living in a rural area this can be difficult. This is where I then got my idea of starting EPN Equine Photography. This way I am able to combine both my passions into a career.

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