Horsebox Overloading

Horsebox Owners & Users are you overloaded? This guide has been produced by VBRA Commercial With the changes in licences in 1996 that limited new drivers to 3500kg maximum there was a greater need for lightweight horseboxes. These horseboxes have little margin for carrying additional equipment that you may require on your journey or at […]

Horsebox Flooring

Horsebox Flooring a VBRA Best Practice Guide Horsebox flooring has been is an area of concern for both Horsebox manufacturers, converters, horse transport companies and horse owners who have their own lorry or trailer. We have put together some solutions as a best practice guide. Problems seem to stem from either lack of experience when […]

Horsebox Toilets

Horsebox cassette toilets This is a little talked about subject and applies to all fixed and portable cassette toilets, hopefully it is one you may find enlightening. Nowadays many horseboxes have integrated cassette toilets in their washrooms or on some smaller ones, portable toilets hidden in lockers. They will have either a dedicated fresh water […]

Horsebox Payloads Explained

Horsebox payloads explained Payload can be a daunting subject for horsey customers, especially if they are new to horsebox ownership. It is a subject that, unless they are involved in goods transport, heavy bombers or explosive warheads, is unlikely to have crossed their paths before. Unlike buying a car, where weight is never mentioned, payload it […]

Horsebox Ventilation

Horsebox ventilation and the problems caused to your horses by prolonged exposure to high temperatures Designing our horseboxes primarily around horse safety and comfort we dedicated many hours to the issues of heat build-up. There is without question plenty of research already out there on the effects of prolonged exposure at high temperatures and how […]

Buying a Horsebox

Buying a new or used horsebox has become a relatively simple endeavour. Unfortunately, choosing the wrong one is just as simple Buying the nearest fit can have implications that will stretch you to breaking point many times in the following year. There are few things worse than living with a compromise or outright poor build. […]


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